GRADES 2 & 3

GRADES 4, 5 & 6

In Foundation the children will continue to deepen their understanding of learnt concepts in Maths and be exposed to new wonderings.  In Number and Algebra, the children will continue to investigate the place and position of numbers as well as counting forward, backward and number recognition.  In Measurement and Geometry, the children will explore Length, Mass and Capacity through hands on activities.


In English the children will be writing about various daily experiences through recount writing and share their family and fun times in Show and Tell. In reading children will look at making simple predictions using text clues and explore imaginative texts.


This term the themed units of work are “My Family”, “Weather and Seasons” and “Change” through everyday materials.


Our Foundation students will be lucky enough to have The Responsible Pet Ownership Group visit, Drama Toolbox and attend a fun session at the Essendon Traffic School.


In Maths the children will continue to investigate number words and sequences. They will look at the structure of numbers and the conceptual place value. The children will explore addition and subtraction. In Measurement and Geometry, the children will deepen their understanding in Length, Mass and Capacity using informal and some formal measurements.


In English the children will write recounts about their experiences and be introduced to opinion through simple Persuasive Texts and write procedures related back to their science topics. When reading children will focus on reading and comprehension strategies and investigate the authors purpose and fiction and non-fiction texts.


This term the themed units of work are “Health and Wellbeing”, “Solid, Liquid & Gases” and “Light and Sound”.


Our Grade 1 students will be fortunate enough to have a Yoga incursion as well as a visit from Drama Tool Box.


After settling back into routines the students have begun Term 2 well. The grade 2 students are learning about being Healthy and are engaging with fascinating facts learnt weekly. The students are developing new skills and displaying passionate ideas to develop their persuasive writing especially with regard to verbal opinion and reasoning.


The grade 3 students will be busy learning different skills and knowledge in a variety of curriculum areas. Grade 3 students have been busy writing persuasive and narrative pieces in class. They also participated in the SAMPS cross-country tryouts this term. They will complete  NAPLAN tests between the 9th-11th of May.


The weekly Science lessons will see the grade 2 and 3 students participating in a range of hands-on activities that involve group work. Some work will be outside. The aim is for them to express their understandings.


The grade 2 and 3 students will attend a variety of excursions and incursions. Some include a grade 3 excursion to The Shrine and the grade 2 Messenger Dog Roadshow incursion.


Please note that the grade 2 and 3 camp notes were sent out in Term 1. A deposit was required and a note returned.


Finally we look forward to completing another productive term at St Albans Meadows Primary School.

Term 2 is another incredibly busy Term in the Grade 4-6 Department. Interschool sport continues for Grade 5 & 6. The sports this term are Softball girls & boys, Tchoukball & Netball girls & mixed.


The transition program for Grade 6 begins with secondary school placement forms due in and the students spending time at SASC for a 'Taster Day'.


NAPLAN will take place for Grade 5. 


The grade 4-6 students will attend a variety of incursions including a First Aide incursion as well as a 'Sink or Swim incursion. 


Student Led Conferences will take place for Grade 5 & 6 students. This will provide the students with an opportunity to showcase to their parents all the work they have completed in Semester 1. 


Finally the Grade 6 students will hold a Community Lunch for the parents to attend. This is an opportunity for the students to show their parents all they have learnt over the years in our wonderful Kitchen Garden Program.


We look forward to another exciting term in the Grade 4-6 department.