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In 2021, our school decided to implement Xuno as a school portal to enable easier communication throughout our community. 

Xuno is an app which parents can download to their phones, or access through a desktop, where they are able to find out and be notified about news and updates within the school. 


Xuno makes it easier to to find out about upcoming events, to give children permission for school activities, to be alerted by any messages from the school and to report child absences. 

If you are new to Xuno, please feel free to use the following links to help with your Xuno experience. This includes a User Guide along with a link to the SAMPS Xuno Login for desktop users. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.50.52 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.47.33 pm.png
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