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Our Kitchen Garden Program provides our students with exciting learning experiences whilst also developing life long skills. The students are directly involved in sharing the cooked meals they create using our own organic produce. 


The program is multifaceted, allowing it to be integrated with mainstream learning subjects across the curriculum. Our students develop a deep understanding of where food comes from and what is involved in growing, caring, harvesting, preparing and sharing meals.


The Kitchen Garden Program involves all our students from grades Prep to grade 6 and has been designed to allow each student the opportunity to participate in the program, throughout different seasons of the year. This maximises the learning potential for each student, as they are able to be taught the role that seasons play on planting and harvesting produce. 


Our Kitchen Garden Facility was completed in February 2014 and has been the hub of our program ever since. Complete with industry standard cooking equipment and custom built Tasmanian oak bench tops and tables, our Kitchen Garden facility is a fantastic addition to our school. Images of the facilities can be viewed on our 'Facilities' page in the navigation menu.

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